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{:en}Once upon a time in Mexico, in a small border city called Matamoros , a small bar called The Blackcat Bar was the party place to go to.  This bar was on the curve of the street called Alvaron Obregon and wedged between a spa and a liquor store of the same name.

What was the Black Cat Bar before it went down.

What was the Black Cat Bar before it went down.

There wasn’t anything special about this little place, but you could go anytime on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and maybe even on Sunday’s and it was full.  There was always a fat guy with uniform wearing a hat who charged you 50 pesos to take a picture with a vintage polaroid, and then there was another guy who charged you 20 pesos to get electrocuted on this machine, and along with the guy who sold flowers for 20pesos each.  What made this bar unique in a way was that it was very simple, no cover for ladies and low price beer and of course with the latest jams from the United States to cater to the crowd that once used to flood the main street on the weekends known as “El Rol.”  Times were badass back in the day, you didn’t have to worry about drug cartel violence, even though the Gulf Cartel was around in those particular times, those guys never messed around with anyone and you didn’t have to worry about hanging out at night and getting mugged or your car stolen from you.

There was other clubs during those times on the same street like Chaparral, Enneas, Jazz, Crazy Lazy, Zero Zone,  but the main place for me was always at Black Cats.  While all the other places closed down, it seemed like Black Cats would endure forever however with the violence in Matamoros increasing and the people coming from the United States decreasing it was only a matter of time that Black Cats would also close down also.  Years after the bar closed down, the liquor store remained open for some time until it closed down and became an OXXO store.   Some good memories though, drunk nights, met some girls (hope my wife don’t read this) :P, and met a few friends.  Awesome times.{:}{:es}Hace mucho tiempo en Mexico, en la ciudad fronteriza de H. Matamoros, existía un bar llamado el “Black Cat Bar” o conocido como el Gato Negro.  Este bar estaba en la curva de la calle principal de Alvaron Obregon entre un spa y una licorería.

What was the Black Cat Bar before it went down.

Lo que quedo del bar antes que lo quitaron.

No era un bar así tan especial, estaba pequeño pero siempre podias ir un Jueves, Viernes, Sabado y hasta aveces los domingos y estaba lleno. Recuerdo que habia un gordo que usaba uniforme con gorra que te cobraba 50 pesos para tomarte una foto con esas camaras antiguas de las de polaroid, y tambien habia otro señor que por 20 pesos te daba toques con una maquinita y también un señor que siempre vendía rosas por 20 pesos.   El bar era simple y sencillo, no había cover para las mujeres, la cheve estaba barata,  y las canciones modernas de los Estados Unidos hacia que la gente del otro lado venir y llenar la calle principal en lo que era “El Rol.”  Esos tiempos de aquellos eran la mamada, no tenias que preocuparte de la inseguridad, nadie se metía con uno y podías andar tranquilo dando la vuelta hasta las horas de la madrugada y temer que se roben tu carro.

También recuerdo que había otros lugares nocturnos como el Chaparral, Enneas, Jazz, Crazy Lazy, Zona Zero, pero para mi el lugar que siempre me encontraba era el Black Cats.  Mientras todos esos lugares cerraron, pensé que el gato negro podía permanecer para siempre, pero solo fue cuestión de tiempo que cerrara también.  Varios años después que el bar cerro, la licorería duro abierta mucho tiempo, pero al igual cerro y lo convirtieron en un OXXO.
Cada ves que paso ahora cuando ando de visita, se me viene todas las memorias…. que lindos tiempos, las borracheras, las viejas (que no lea esto mi esposa) 😛  y las amistades que hice.   Buenos tiempos.{:}

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  1. Hi frank Mar wasn’t there a video of black cat bar linked to this articula that showed how it was back in the day? I would really like to see that video again, it took me back to awesome times.

  2. Yes, the video was removed, i need to find a new video if possible later.

  3. Ok thank you frank.. that was a pretty awesome video.. wish I could see it one more time. It reminds me of the good ol days

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