The Zero Zone, the place of Mexican Goth and Freaks

Just a quick walk from the border on the Mexican side was a club known to many as Zero Zone, or Zona Zero in Spanish.  For 100 pesos, this place allowed you to literally get shit faced as it was an all you can drink affair.  Its been more than 12 years now since the last time I went but I have a good memory and can kind of recall everything in detail.  You would go in and pay the cover outside and get a bracelet and get a red 16 oz party cup that you would use to get your drink.  peopleatzerozoneOnce you went I remember there was a wall right in the middle of the entrance, to the left the bar and to the right the restrooms and going around the wall, you would have the dance floor.   The bar would be illuminated with a black light and you could order everything you wanted from Rum and Coke, Vodka and Juice, to even frozen drinks, the one drink I remember very well was one they called “Azul” which was basically a sort of Blue Hawaiian.  Depending on the night you went to you could listen to Depeche Mode, Ramnstein,  System of a down.  The place was themed for goths, punks, emos, and other weirdos but no matter if you didn’t fit the culture of the music it still was a cool place to visit.  The Tequila bar in the back was a favorite staple to go to with friends and challenge them in who can drink the cheapest of tequila’s out there.  The guy who served you the shots of tequila was an old guy and I remember he had a deformity in his hand but he would poor those suckers quickly and slam down and let you know they were ready to drink.   Typically after 7 rounds of shots was enough for me to be crawling out and waking up with a huge headache the next day.  zerozonebarI don’t know particularly why this place closed down but as I mentioned with Black Cats and the other bars on the Alvaro Obregon strip the people from the US side stopped coming due to the increasing violence.  A friend of mine told me the owner closed down the place to focus on Crazy Lazy for which he also owned and later turned to Mokai but in time that closed as well.  The place is still there, but hasn’t been maintained so it’s full of trash and excess foliage. I’ll always remember those crazy nights at zero zone and i’ll cherish them dearly. I found a video on youtube, to bring back memories.

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  1. Awesome memories and blackouts from Zona Zero. BTW, its predecessor was El Azucar, about 2 blocks down from Crazy Lazy and Zz. Nowadays, what is left of the freaks and goths hang out at Bar el Nahual where Zapo DJ plays ZZ sets.

  2. I’ll be writing more on those clubs for throwback Thursday. Awesome times.

  3. I agree with You Raquel.
    Azúcar Club was The pioneer in this kind of Clubs un Matamoros

  4. Azucar by far was the best. I was a regular back in the day (98-00) then went to Reynosa for club Emporio. Rave scene was huge with big djs that would come down south.

  5. Azucar’s (as we called it) back in the day (circa ’99-’03). Great times. Cheap drinking, great music mix…just sidestep the occasional fight!

  6. Azucar’s was the place to be in the 90’s for sure. i use to go there 97-99. Zero Zone was fun but i was older by then and could drink legally here in the states. lol

  7. You bad boy.

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