Water on mars ! Being sold for $1 million??? WTF?

What mars may have looked like long time ago.

What mars may have looked like long time ago.

Yesterday all over social media, the world was going crazy after NASA announced they had discovered signs of liquid water.  It is known that Mars billions of years ago used to have oceans which surrounded most of the planet and was very similar to that of what Earth looks like today.  It’s amazing to think that a planet right next to us may have once harbored life, what kind of sea creatures were there? Was there dinosaurs? Did the martians knew one day that there planet couldn’t support life anymore and took off somewhere else? Maybe one day if humans land on Mars and are able to excavate the surface, they may find answers to our questions.







Barnett Newman painting sold for 43 million.

There have been meteorites originating from Mars found on Earth, that is pieces of planet (Mars) being struck by an asteroid or comet falling on Earth that have fetched astronomical prices of $160,000.  So what would be the price of a 750ml bottle of water originating from Mars assuming we could bring it back?  There’s people that buy stupid paintings at exaggerated prices that are blobs of paint or solid colors at insane prices in the millions of dollars.  So I’m sure if technology allowed water from Mars to be brought back and sold at auction, you can bet that somewhere in the audience would be someone with a big checking account ready to put a lot of 000’s to buy some Martian water.  Maybe I can collect water from rain and bottle it and fool people that it came from Mars and get rich? Sounds like a plan






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