Historic Beerfest 2015 – Brownsville Texas

On Saturday October 3 of 2015, the most cheerful citizens of Brownsville Texas gathered for an epic event that is said to only occur once a year. It was such a humongous event that the shot was heard all around Texas. With its’ alluring  buzz,  beer lovers and the curious lured into what would be the greatest beerfest in Brownsville Texas history. The estimated number of attendees was estimated to be at around the high 2000’s but as early as 7Pm, it seemed as if the speculated number was to be higher than expected , and so, they where right!

The event took place at the flourishing grounds of Dean Porter Park on Ringgold St. from 6pm-Midnight. Striking band performances where given by  Mysterious Ways: America’s U2 Tribute Band, Vinyl Darma, Sidewinder, The Chris Marshall and, Galvanic and Big River Project.

Domestic and Imported craft beers could be savored right on the grounds is this very event. Among the beers that where sampled, the Italian beauties such as Peroni, Del Borgo, and Verdi made  their presence very well known. On the other side of the garden we had the German beers like Warfteiner and Zepellin making a statement like no other. Do we have to introduce the rest of the brew crew?

The event was a great success and everyone had a great time; smiles where as wide as a crescent moon on harvest time. Spirits came back from the dead, the monotony ended at the strike of a conversation with other beer lovers. Truly, the credit goes out to the designated drivers who where the true heroes of the the night and without them, this magnum event wouldn’t have been a victory.

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