Stripes Taco, taco de wines.

One thing I enjoyed living in Brownsville, was waking up and taking a quick drive to the nearest stripes gas station.  I lived behind Rivera High School so my closest location was the one on the corner of 511 and 802.   There’s everyone favorite, the Q-Taco which is egg, bean, and cheese and the most importantly it’s about a dollar, it may have gone up since then.


My favorite taco is “El taco de wines” many people may not know what the word wines means, but it’s actually another way of saying weenies or wieners.   This is a taco that can be found at only select locations but if you do find a stripes that has it, you’re in heaven.  I like to put beans on my taco, and then the weenies, and if they also have a special salsa they make, ask them to put that on there. The taco will run you about $2.50 or so but it’s worth the price.  Since it’s fall season, they may have also some pumpkin spice cappuccino.


The tacos from Stripes are made by the Laredo Taco Company, there are some stripes in Houston but the majority of them are not affiliated with the tacos.  There is a Taqueria Laredo on Washington St (Houston,TX) and I am not sure if it’s the parent company for Laredo Taco Company, but every day in the morning they are people lining up to get some fresh tacos.

What is your favorite Stripes Taco?

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