Clock boy wants $15 million

Apparently the parents of Ahmed Mohamed a Muslim boy who attended school in a Dallas suburb are demanding $15,000,000 and a written apology from the city and school district.  If anyone remembers, Ahmed was the kid that went to high school with a suitcase with a disassembled clock and was suspended and arrested for having a possible bomb.  After being invited to the White House and meeting the President, the family decided to leave the United States and move to Qatar because they felt they were racially discriminated against.


Real suitcase bomb

If you look at the picture above, this is a picture from an actual bomb filled with C4 explosives that was on board a plane and failed to detonate.


“Clock” built by Ahmed

This picture is the actual clock that Ahmed took to school.  I think his parents knew what he was doing and allowed him to take it to school to see if he was going to get caught by school officials.  If the officials didn’t catch the kid with this suit case I think what would of happened is that the next time the suit case would of been filled with explosives but since he got caught they cried foul and use the victim card, either way it was a win/win situation for them.  First of all, this kid had no business taking this to school, most importantly it wasn’t even for a science project of any kind, he just decided to randomly one day take it to school and “impress his teacher” …. rightttttt he ain’t fooling anyone.

I think personally this kid and his family are bunch of scammers and need stop using the bullshit excuse, judges ain’t going to buy it but if for whatever reason they win any amount of settlement, we live in a fucked up country.


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