A Lesson to Learn in Life

February 5,2016

Dear Diary,

Two years ago….John C. Maxwell taught me a great lesson that day at the SAP Stadium in California. I already knew what he was going to preach and inheritently had his knowledge within me. I knew what his words meant exactly detail by detail. He subliminally was trying to help those poor sheeple (whom were slaves to their commanders) to escape that Scheme. That is because the company I was in (ACN) was a Pyramid Scam! And with such wrathfulness within my heart I could not see people being taken away from their money by lies so I left decently and exited the stadium. To be honest, I just went to go see & learn a lesson in life from John C. Maxwell. After I exited the monster worshipper stadium. I crossed the street very happy in a bar which great figures and bands had taken some beer in those Taco Quartes which where 3.50 per fucking Taco and not good Mexican food (which I love) Followed by, I  Had some fucking beer (because I longed one) then went with some entrepeneur friendsies aboard their Spaceship (or so the claimed but it was a car) and went cruising to Santa Clara. Then I strayed away from the pack to eat some pizza, I couldn’t find my phone because I was very wasted in wonderland (no drugs included) so I rode a yellow a taxi back to my quarters because they had me prisioner of their scheme ,Bwahahaha. Funniest story for today, Amen. I could make a great movie with the details in between. Pics below for proof! 

Moral of the story: “The most mistakes that you learn from in life, the better and stronger that you become” -Viva Z


-Viva Zworski

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  1. Hahhaaaha thata a great story my sweet Vivi, you’re a crazy lovely girl but I like that, maybe someday,you come and tell us an alien abduction story hahah, truth is out there!. Greetings gorgeous

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