Viva Zworski: Why I Know That “Don DeLeon” deserves your Vote

February 29, 2016 

I cannot vote for this great individual because I do not live nearby the premises of his District, but I saw greatness in him and a humble heart. I promised him that I would do my best to help him out because  he is not a candidate who is lavished in riches like the wicked and corrupted ones that have riches from stealing our hard working peoples money in unethical ways. 

I coincidentally stumbled upon Don DeLeon at the Active Plan Bike Trail Presentation and finally got to have an educated conversation with him. I have to say that I had always seen him in many city events but I had never had the honor to speak to him eye to eye. And so my wish was fulfilled.

Don DeLeon mentioned to me that he was running for State Representative for Distric 37 and that unfortunate circumstances and harsh obstacles disabled him to get enough monetary funds to run his campaign like those who get suddenly lucky.  

I understood where he came from and that we all go through hurdles like that in life when we try to do good deeds for our people. The only help that I could offer this humble man was to invite him to the Lions Club so that he could be heard by our wise elders in hopes that they would tell their families and generations about Don DeLeon. 

I also have to add that at the Active Plan bike trail. From all these so called “leaders” of our city who claim to care for the future of our future generations, and our children for a better tomorrow, well, none of them where there. Sadly, there was 8-13 Brownsville persons who assisted besides the event hosts. I excused myself to the restroom so that I could cry because this scene was beyond shameful!

I have personally witnessed that everytime that somebody with good intentions tries to free Brownsville from these “corrupted ones” who just get to power to only free themselves and enslave the people with lies (yes, that is the truth and I am not going to Fear anymore like everybody in Brownsville does). If people only knew that they outnumber these pigs, Brownsville would be a Paradisiatic city. It also so happens that the corrupted ones kick great oppotunities out because it is a threat to their compadre system & little monopoly wannabies since they only do deals that benefit they own piggy system pockets. 

Anyways, less giving the spotlight to the pigs who the ruby slippers fit right perfect into them. When I saw Don DeLeon, I saw truth, positive futuristic visions, and a city future that we mutually shared. They all leaded towards the great future of our legacy, our children and what we will leave to them behind. By the time that SpaceX fulfills its mission, a new movement of healthy children without diabetes and diseases would be a thing of the past because a huge bike trail, kiyaking trail, and more would be at their disposals. Also better meals in school would be implemented, organic food stores would be around the corners, more good companies will be at our disposal for job opportunities and no need to move to another city like everybody has done in the past. 

Elon Musk chose Brownsville because he is a very advanced genius who knows that we need CHANGE before the corruption gets worse than it already is. There is many great world leaders setting an eye on Brownsville to kick out that corruption system and the President has been aware of it for years as well. Those certain entities who think they run the show by creating fear among our people will be kicked out before the mission is accomplished. In the name of the almighty it is not my job to mention these individuals because this story will take a fews days to finish such list. No crime of theirs goes unseen.  These “know it alls” don’t know what Falcon satelites are for. 

I just hope that Brownsville citizens understand that voting is essentially important in order to kick these nut cases out. Brownsville has a beautiful future and nobody should live in fear. Here is something related to what Brownsville is experiencing at these times or stress which I found out online: 

Also here is an amazing video that I took for Mr. DeLeon at the Lions Club because I saw a man with wisdom and truthful leadership in his eyes and actions. He is really a people-person and not like those others who just want the spotlight with promises unfulfilled. We have to beleive that Change is around the corner and I urge you to get out there and Vote Vote Vote and bring back our historically rich paradise; Brownsville! 

Happy Leap Year 11:11 ! 

Don DeLeons Inspirational Speech


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