Viva Zworski: A Poem for St. Michael

⭐️ A Poem for Archangel St. Michael: Every time I see Art, I see creation, I see life, I see inspiration, the science of nature, the order of kingdoms, divine intervention, the celestial connection,a reason to live, a reason to love, a reason to believe in God, a reason to believe that I was not the only traveler, I was not insane, the insane ones were the one to think they knew it all, I was never alone, my imaginary angels and my secret invisible friends saw truth in my heart and they paved the way to bring back my lost paradise. I will not give up, I am the one in Control, I was born to live forever. I am an artist, I am a creator, I am that, I Am.

-Viva Zworski

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Viva Zworski

A very talented individual who loves the beauty of art and being an artist to all of its extense. I am very spiritual, honest, and have a strong personality. I love doing independent movies and planning on higher projects on the near future. I paint, I sing, I photograph, Hosting, TV commercials, Media modeling and more..... Overall, I am just another human being like you.

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