Anecdote: The time that I applied to Sams Club and they had no idea that I was a Brand Ambassador for their Serta Mattresses. 

Not so long ago, in a nearby Sams Club…On Alton Gloor Boulevard. I was heading to my promotions job. By the way, I was only around 16 years old and I had three jobs that where teaching me hard lessons. 

On my lunch break, I decided to buy a pretzel and fill an application at Sam Club. 

I was not interested in winning the money they offered per hour at Sams Club but instead, I was interested in aquiring new skills for my future. I remember that I often frequented Sams for Promotions. The promotions that I worked for was a nice company that paid $15-25/Hr at a time of $5/hr. I did what I loved & they simply loved sending me to Sams where my job simply educate the customer on buying Serta mattresses. And I loved it too! 

I then proceeded to Apply and wait…

To my surprise, they called that same day.

They asked me to go for and interview.

I did.

Actually, the guy was very surprised at how fast I had arrived to my interview. I said nothing because if he found out that I worked inside his store, he would think that I was not on my five senses. 

To be honest , All I wanted was to get a nearby job, work, and have a normal life. 

Unfortunately, that “manager” guy who I sold matresses for at the speed of lightning did not hire me. Why? Well, simply because I could not sell him a Highlighter from his desk. 

Yup, he was very funny. He actually wanted me to sell him a highlighter that was already in his drawer. This guy was nuts! 

Instead, this guy thought that I was the nutty one! Oh no! 

I have to say that I love Sams Club and all their items, I even loved my promotions job at such a young age. I was seeking self-taught experience but they could not understand why. Anyways, this one “manager” guy made my interview so impossible to get. 

He said that If I could not sell him a highlighter from his drawer how could I ever sell any product in his store.

I smilingly told him: “Sir, that is why they send us from the corporations to do that job in selling YOUR products. All I wanted was a job in my hometown and I guess I failed because you said I did. I will keep looking, maybe this was not the job that I was looking for.”

Then I put my promotions badge back on and headed back to doing promotions. I was not any poorer or richer. Simply hopeless at my surroundings. The End

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