Top 5 female singers, the list

Last night I was on my facebook and posted on my wall on what my friends think are the top 5 female singers and I got a lot of good responses, the bad part is that I stayed up till about 3am listening to all this music and had to wake up really early to go to work, so I’m super sleepy and not being very productive at work. I tried drinking some coffee but don’t have regular sugar, so had to resort to the fake stuff and of course that tastes nasty.  Anyhow, these are my top 5 female singers with the songs that I found that made me say, wow these chic sing so fucking badass.

#5 Stefani Germanotta USA

At the number 5 position in the top 5 female singers, I chose Stefani Germanotta, you actually may know her better by her stage name as “Lady Gaga”.  Of course I chose a picture where she looks like a normal person as opposed to all the makeup and weird accessories she used to wear when her career starting taking off.  She’s had several top hits and several worth mentioning and the likes of poker face put her in the spot light but at this point in time I didn’t really consider her a musician, more of a entertainer like a beyonce of some sorts, but through out the years she started evolving and has been showing everyone her unique voice and talent and being able to cover different styles of music.  

One of the albums I liked was the duets album with Tony Bennett, I actually watched her at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion and wow she impressed me so much that I can genuinely say I’m a fan of hers.   One of her recent songs that I just found was “million reasons” which sounds like a country interpretation and damn, she really has no limit.   The video that I chose to show case her awesomeness is her interpretation of the classic song, the sound of music by Julie Andrews.  

#4 Laura Pausini ITA

Laura Pausini is an Italian singer who has done many interpretations of her music in Spanish, being that I speak Spanish is how I first heard of her in the song “Se fue” which came out in the early 90’s and since then I’ve been listening to her.  She’s done multiple duets with a lot of Spanish singing artists along with a few English singing artists as well, although I enjoy her music more in Spanish than in English for the sole purpose the original is always the best.  In the video I listed, I put the song “amores extraños” live version but in the original dub which is in Italian.  

When you listen to her music, it’s like she’s not really singing but more like talking, it’s unique, kind of hard to explain but I dig it.

#3 Adele (ENG)

I remember when the song Rolling in the deep came out, I was instantly hooked, especially with the hook “YOU COULD OF HAD IT ALLLLLLLLLL”  I was like wow…. her voice is so fucking amazing and from there she went viral. Prior to that she wasn’t really well known and was even on an online dating service trying to find a match, but at this point in her career, she can get any guy she wants. 

Some of her latest hits have been “someone like you”, “set fire to the rain”.  The song that I chose for you all to hear in the live version is Skyfall from the James Bond Movie with the same name, when I heard this song a long time ago, I remember being in the kitchen and I was like holy shit, who’s this …. and it was Adele and was like wow, so I listed the video version.

#2 Whitney Houston USA

No top 5 would be complete, without having one of the greatest voices of all time, and that goes to none other than Whitney Houston.  Her song “Will Always Love you” will be forever remembered.  Whitney may have passed away and while she sang many other songs, that one song alone, has to be included.  Whitney was so good that almost all her live performances sound almost like a studio version, that’s how insane her talent was.  The way she was able to go from low notes to high notes was something to hear… “AND I ……. WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUU” 

I’ll always remember you Whitney, RIP wherever you may be.

#1 Sade Adu (Nigeria / Eng)

Picking number one, was not as difficult as I thought it would be but trying to convince everyone that she deserves to be on this list is the hard part.  Sade became famous back in the early 80’s with her music such as Smooth Operator and No Ordinary Love and her style of music is very underrated.  This is the music that you could enjoy sitting down in a high rise building over viewing the skyline and drinking a glass of wine and smoking a cigar.  I think what sets her apart from everyone else is her vocal tone,  it’s very unique, soft and when she sings her voice is just amazing.  She’s almost 60 years old now and is still doing her thing.  

Listen to this song and tell me she doesn’t deserve being there. 

And there you have it folks, my top 5 vocal singers, do you agree or not agree? I know I left out many names and I’m sure they’re on your top 5. A couple of names that I left out but definitely worth mentioning… Dolores O’Riordan (Ireland), Aretha Franklin (USA) , Selena (Tex/Mex) , Ivette Sangalo (Brazil).

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