Claims he’s broke, so where does the money come from?

Running a political blog is difficult, let alone trying to update it on a day to day basis.  From putting in public info requests to writing on just about everyone and anything, Mr. Montoya has found a niche that makes his readers come back for more.   Mr. Montoya or better known as “El Rrrun Rrun” is one of these political bloggers/writers and anyone who runs for any political position in Brownsville, knows about this guy.  For many years now I personally have followed the writings of el rrun rrun and he definitely has great writing skills, but one of the things I’ve learned through the years is he’s just a mercenary, sells his writing skills to the highest bidder.  

Front page on el rrun rrun

Now el marrano has stated in every campaign that he has no money,  but yet every election he seems to have new tshirts, banners, posters, bumper stickers, digital media ads at Sunrise mall, and he was even able to hire a professional graffiti artist to paint the whole side of a wall with a mural.  Erasmo has been so desperate that he’s hired politiqueras to phone bank for him and these people charge, they don’t do it free, and just recently has started to pay Juan Montoya hundreds of dollars to be on the front page of El Rrun Rrun, so where does the money come from?  It obviously comes from somewhere and in cash payments which he doesn’t report to the Texas Ethics Commission when it’s time to file his campaign finance reports.  If you add up all the cost of everything he uses to run a campaign, you’ll get easily into the thousands of dollars and if you multiply that times four (number of times he’s ran) then you can be rest assured he’s racked up a hefty bill trying to run in all these different positions.  So while he continues to lie to the people and to his very own followers, he can’t lie to #nomorecheezmeh. 


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