Why Castro caters to uneducated voters.

Brownsville is one of the poorest cities in the nation (Top 5), one of the least educated cities (Top 3),  one of the most obese cities (38% of people are fat) and is one of the leading cities in the state with teen pregnancies.  With so many negatives the residents of the city face, people always want to blame others for their failures.  El marrano uses these factors to his advantage and tells people that the reason they are broke, dumb, and fat is because the city commission is to blame and they believe it.  


It’s no secret that el marrano maintains a cult, one in which his followers follow a strict doctrine, a no questions asked policy. The moment people start asking questions that do not follow the guidelines that he sets, they are given a warning through a private message “Hey mamas, I didn’t like that comment you posted, I erased it, I’m going to give you one more chance if not, you’re being blocked and you can join my haters” and that usually keeps them at bay.    Castro uses deception in order to have people vote for him, so let’s see the latest of his strategy and see if there’s any truth to it.

Tenaska Power Plant in

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (PUB) is the one solely responsible for bringing up any change in pricing in their utility rates and that has to be approved by the board members of PUB and the city commission.   The rates were raised in order for PUB to get funds to acquire a percentage of the Tenaska power plant was to be built in 2014.  It is my understanding that PUB was to purchase 200MW of energy of the total 800MW generating capacity of the plant for it to be used to offer lower electricity rates to customer.  Now since there has been an abundance of natural gas that’s been found over the last 2-3 years, the cost of energy has dropped significantly so the economics for the plant stopped being feasible for Tenaska and they backed out. The money that has been raised is accounted for and still belongs to the rate payers but it is set aside for investment in power generation to be able to provide extra capacity and lower rates in the future, the money is OWNED DIRECTLY by the PUB and not the city commission but Castro will say “The mayor and my opponent have $90 million dollars they will squander !!!”, he knows his people are dumb and don’t do their own research.  


La Casa de Nylon

A lot of people may have heard about the Casa de Nylon but don’t know the details.  Sometime around 2012,  this asbestos filled building was purchased by the City of Brownsville. It was proposed by Tony Martinez to buy this building from the owner because it was put up for sale and it was said that UTB wanted to buy the building but didn’t have the money at that time until the UT regents met 6 months down the road. The problem was that the building was appraised around $600,000 but then appraised at $2.3 million dollars, almost 4x the amount.  The city commission then approved UNANIMOUSLY  (all city commissioners including Jessica Tetreau, Ricardo Longoria who’s friends with Castro) for the purchase of the building. What Tony Martinez failed to mention is that the appraisal for $2.3 mil came from one his buddies and the owner of the building was another one of his buddies (Galonsky).  When the UT regents met 6 months later, they didn’t want the building anymore and left the city in a bind and most importantly with an unusable building.   After 5 years of sitting there collecting dust, it will finally be used as a firefire training station.  Why doesn’t Erasmo burn his buddy Jessica Tetreau? He’s the one that supported her campaign and endorsed her publicly on his page, why doesn’t she get any rap? Oh, that’s because it’s not convenient for him to mention that Tetreau is his best friend in the commission, or what about Ricardo Longoria from District 1 (Southmost), oh that’s also his friend and not everyone needs to know that also.  

In 2015,  the city commission passed a resolution to change the logo for the city.  It was a 3-2 resolution meaning that 3 commissioners voted yay, and 2 commissioners voted nay.  Castro has gone and said “GOWEN VOTED FOR A 150K logo”  what he actually fails to mention of course is that it wasn’t $150,000 for a logo, it was part of a marketing package for website, advertising in other locations, and the branding of the logo.  The contract was awarded to the HAHN company out of Austin back in late 2014 which meant that even before any logo was ever drawn up, the contract was already signed off and that was voted unanimously meaning that all commissioners including Jessica Tetreau and Ricardo Longoria (his pals) voted yes upon.  I do agree that there was nothing wrong with the logo to begin with and didn’t have to change, I even wrote an article on it (read here) and I also agree the marketing plan seems quiet expensive, but to blame Dr. Gowen specifically on this issue is absurd especially since his buddies voted on the same exact thing but he never mentioned it ever before. 

El marrano attacks Dr. Gowen on the basis that she only “started reaching out to the community” … well considering Dr. Gowen is actually a board certified OBGYN medical doctor, meaning she delivers babies and sees dozens of patients every day and is on call on top of that to be checking facebook every day like he is.  Castro doesn’t have a full time job and his only known source of income is working part time (about 10-15 hours) at the American Cancer Society in the Austin Call Center.  Sources say that he is on disability and only works minimal hours to claim a tax refund each year but not enough hours to not lose disability benefits.  Castro is on Facebook all day, copying and pasting things to his Brownsville Cheezmeh blog, of course its apples and oranges comparing an actual Doctor who provides a service to the community to someone who really doesn’t work and has all the time in the world to be on Facebook posting chismes.



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