Jason Carter, the untold story of Castro’s ex-lover

We all have a special someone who at one point in our life marked such a significance that we may think about them from time to time even if we’re no longer together.  For Castro, this special someone is a man named Jason Carter, his ex-boyfriend and soulmate.   

Post from April 22nd, 2015

Back in the mid 1990’s, Castro was working at the family notary business in Mt. Pleasant, a small city in northeast Texas which is about 70 miles south from the Oklahoma border.   When Castro talks about having a home in Northeast Texas, he is referring to this place that his father and step mom own up there.   During this time,  Erasmo met a young man who he fell head over heels for, the love of his life, Jason Carter.   Now Erasmo has never really posted publicly about his same sex relationships, perhaps being that he’s the son of a preacher and since he preaches the bible and being homosexual goes against the teachings of the holy book, he has kept things on the very down low. 

JC, on Erasmo’s drug habit and conning of people

I had a chance to speak to Jason briefly two years ago back when Erasmo Castro originally ran for Mayor of Brownsville.  I asked him if he knew that Erasmo was running for mayor which he answered, “I find it laughable that he’s running for public office lol”.   The relationship lasted briefly as the amount of cocaine that Castro consumed daily and the conning of people was too much for Mr. Carter,  “It wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life… it was the worst 2 years”.   

The infamous tattoo. (dramatization)

There were rumors floating around on the interwebz that Castro had the name “Jason” tattooed on his chest although at the time we didn’t know why but we did get confirmation from Mr. Carter that this was true when we talked to him.  “He does have a tattoo of my name”.   Two years ago when Erasmo ran for mayor and he didn’t know that #nomorecheezmeh was ran by me, he would be sending personal messages to the facebook page, one day I decided to ask him randomly. 

Erasmo responded with the word “cochino” which  means in Spanish “pervert.”   It’s kind of funny that he didn’t deny it but rather tried to play it off as he always does when he gets in a situation he’s not comfortable in.   Castro was never able to get over the relationship and started adopting the name “Jason” as a tribute of some sorts to his former ex-boyfriend and has even used it on official documents.  

There is a court case still pending where the Castro family acted as an immigration service and because of bad advice got a family deported and are now being sued, if you look at that document here, you can see where he uses the name “Jason” along with his Austin address that he’s lived all this time. 

I personally don’t care for people’s sexual orientation as I have a few friends who are gay and I talk with them on a daily basis but Castro who goes around preaching the bible and has received a degree in Christian studies and offering his services to people to get married and is homosexual, wouldn’t that go against the book of Lord? Does he have some explaining to do? I think the people at his church should have the right to know this information should they not? It looks like Castro has some explaining to do why he has kept this secret for many years.  If he does come out of the closet, looks like Brownsville will have it’s first gay minister. 


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