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Things starting going on a downward spiral for Mr. Castro in the late 90’s.   He was first dumped by his ex-boyfriend Jason Carter for excessive cocaine use and soon afterwards had a warrant for his arrest for defrauding people by writing hot checks up in Mt. Pleasant.   Rumors have it that he starting messing around with the son of the judge in Titus Co. and the judge went after him trying to get him arrested.  While it might speculation about Castro messing around with the Judge’s son, what is true is that he did end up getting a warrant for his arrest.  

Quick background search on Castro’s criminal past.

El Americanito

With the possibility of getting arrested, Erasmo had no other choice but to run from the law and flee into Mexico where he knew he couldn’t get caught.   One of the first places Castro found himself in was in the Mexican State of Nuevo Leon, in the city of Monterrey.   One of the places he was able to lie his way into a job was the American School of Accelerated Learning (ASAL) aka “El Americanito”.  The school was founded in 1996 to address the needs of  children of ex-patriots who were searching for an educational alternative and what began with just a few students quickly grew into a full fledged school with hundreds of students from all nationalities.  He got employment as a teacher, although there was one main problem, Castro didn’t have a degree at the time since he dropped out of Porter High School but he was able to get a fake degree and work there.  To avoid raising any suspicion of his crimes in Texas and maintain a low profile, he went by the name Mr. Jason (in reference of his ex-boyfriend). 

In the pictures above that were taken directly from the Facebook page of the school, you can click here to see them directly and a screenshot from a student to his wall , one can clearly see that Erasmo or rather “Jason” was here teaching. I had a chance to reach out to one of the teachers privately (who asked to remain anonymous) and ask a few questions on Jason’s fake identity.  I asked what they remember about him, “He was a good teacher, and he was well connected to both the faculty and the staff”, answered the teacher.  When questioning the teacher if they knew about Erasmo’s fake degree and identity, “Since I met him, he told me from the beginning his name was Jason and I had no reason to believe that wasn’t his name, concerning if he had a fake degree, he said he had graduated from a university but that was the extent of it, I wouldn’t of known if it was fake or not.”  My last question was if they remember when Castro worked there “I believe he worked at the school sometime around 2002 and the school stayed open for a few extra years so I would say about 2007, he was a good asset to the school, my understanding is that he moved back to Texas because of family obligations”.   I thanked the teacher for their time in answering my questions.

Post right before the election day during mayor run.

In the screenshot above from the post in 2015, he mentions that 7 years ago (In 2008), he was homeless but he doesn’t explain the reasoning behind that.  The truth is that Erasmo spent just the right amount of time in Mexico so that the statute of limitations of his warrants of arrest would expire and be able to get back into Texas without getting locked up, coincidence?  Could it be a possibility that after Erasmo crossed back to Brownsville he had to start over from the very beginning after conning people in Monterrey? Castro’s whole life has always been about conning people, and it’s amazing that his loyal followers after seeing all the evidence in front of them still believe him, when he says “the sky is green”, they actually look up and say “wow erasmo, the sky is green”.   If Erasmo lied without giving a crap to innocent students in Monterrey who wanted only to further their education, what makes people think he’s actually going to try to do the right thing all of a sudden if he’s elected into the city commission? 

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