Blaming city commission for high utility rates.

According to el marrano, he wants people to blame the city commission for their high utility bills. He knows they’re uneducated and they believe anything he says.   Marrano followers don’t research and do their own due diligence so when they get their bills and see a high amount, they can say “it’s the city’s fault !!”

From the screenshot above, erasmo blames Dr. Rose Gowen who he is running against for people who have their electric bill as much as a car payment.   Typically a standard car payment averages around $300-$400 per month.   So the first initial thought comes to mind,  people are paying pretty high for electricity prices or are they? 

Brownsville PUB Electric Rates from site.

So I went ahead and went into the PUB website for electric rates and found this information.  It gives you all the pricing based on kilowatt usage by hour and also two different rates.  It shows that if you use less than 500kwh per month, you’ll be charged $0.0542 per kwh, however if you go over 500kwh per month then the pricing is slightly different at $0.07688 per kwh.   Is it possible they’re billing people at higher rates not listed on the website? I asked a friend of mine who lives in Brownsville to show me a copy of his bill.

Actual electric bill from PUB April 2017

So based on the bill, my friend is being charged $34.68 in total for his electricity.   It says he consumed 323kw and since it’s less than 500kwh the rate is charged at $0.0542 per kwh so if you take that and multiply by the energy used, it would be $17.5066 (round it off) and you get exactly $17.51 which is what shows on his bill, so it looks like the PUB is charging exactly what shows on the website.   Now one thing to note is that my friend lives in an apartment and works all day so he doesn’t use much electricity, but let’s take a standard home and see how much would it cost in electricity per month.  Now even though I live in Houston, the amount of energy consumed is the same and I’ll just take that and multiply that by the PUB rate.  I checked energy use for April and it says I used 778KWH.  So if you take 778KWH x $0.07688 per kwh (charged more after 500kwh), then that would come out to $59.81 for electricity, add the fuel and energy charge which is 0.02952 per kwh, that would be $22.97, add on the customer service and city sales tax then my bill would be roughly about $85.00 per month if I lived in Brownsville, and that is still pretty cheap, considering I work at home and use the A/C all day. 

someone paying exorbitant pricing.

Now a marrano follower replied to one of the posts and says she’s paying over $300.00 and its only a family of two and blaming the PUB for being “rats”.  So first of all she’s either lying about her bill or her home is not energy efficient and using A/C window units and operates them non-stop even when she’s not at home and with the windows open !!!  Obviously if you consume more energy, your bill is going to be higher, not that anyone is stealing from you.  A clear example of how uneducated followers go with the flow and believe the city commission or PUB is the cause of their high electric bills.

A quick look at comparing other electric providers throughout Texas shows the rate of PUB of $0.07688 per kwh (500+ kwh) is lower than the average.  Magicvalley charges $0.99 per kwh, CPL charges $0.096 per kwh, so if you are to ask me, the PUB has a good rate that’s not offered anywhere else. Why doesn’t el marrano ever say “Brownsville has one of the lowest electric rates in all of Texas?” Obviously it’s not in his best interest to tell the truth.   So once again, el marrano de monte is nothing more than a conniving con artist. 

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