La Residencia Apartments, where you’re forced to live in a shithole

I’ve been to a lot of places through out Mexico, Central and South America and have stayed in some areas where there is no electricity and no running water, pretty much isolated from the rest of the world.  Despite all the lack of resources that some of these very small modest homes had, cleanliness was never a factor in any of them.  You would think that in a city such as our beloved Brownsville, one would not have to worry about living in horrible living conditions, but for one resident in living in La Residencia Apartments off Price Rd, living next to floating human excrement is something she has to deal with everyday.

Human turds

More feces outside the apartment

This resident who chose to remain anonymous for obvious reasons has been dealing with unspeakable living conditions for the past month and a half.  She’s tried to take action by talking to the leasing office and they said the first time around they would have someone go and fix it right away.  One day turned to two, three days, one week,  two weeks, one month…. and nobody from the apartments has gone and taken care of the shit that is accumulating outside.  After several attempts of trying to contact someone, this poor was finally told that she can’t even move out without breaking her contract because she is on a lease.  


Personal message left at leasing office

Hole in ceiling leaking water.

Besides having shit outside the apartment, the roof starting leaking and a made a huge hole in the ceiling and the lady has gone out and complained already since the carpet is completely wet and now people cannot walk inside the apartment.  This lady is paying about $720 a month to live in these conditions and it’s completely not fair.  She was also told by the leasing office they cannot fix any of the outside sewage because they “don’t have any money”?  What kind of bullshit is that, if they don’t have any money fix it then why don’t they allow her to break the lease and allow her to move out?  One thing is for certain, this is not right and everyone needs to know what these apartments are doing to people.

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