It was a good day!

27 October 2017

After picking up the girls from school, we came back home in a hurry because we were going to go to the school’s Family Movie Night at 7:00p.m , or so we thought…..

We get home at 4:30p.m , I feed them their favorite dish; chicken nugget buffet accompanied by Kool Aid fruit punch that I laced with their daily vitamin as usual.

By the time we are done eating it is 5:30p.m and as the good friend that I am, I go get some spirits for my friend who couldn’t make it on time.

I get back home at 6:15pm and start getting ready to go to the schools Family Movie Night. I put on a nice jacket, some lipstick and grab my girls to head over the school.

Lo’ and behold! We arrive at 7:00p.m……. “right on time!”, I said. The girls and I get off the car so cool and fresh ready to stuff ourselves with popcorn till we drop.

As we walk in through the parking lot, we noticed that all the parents are gathered outside, and curiously I asked “Well, at what time is the Family Movie Night event?”…

Then all the mothers turn to look at me as if I was a hot mess (which I am….at times) followed by little Giannas mom answering in a terrified look: “Movie Night was at 5:30p.m and it ended just now”….. Oh lord, I felt terrible inside but with my IDGAF attitude I quickly recovered from that feeling like the positive thinker that I am. I turned around and said “Well, let’s head on the the mall and watch a movie”……followed by my two munchkins….

We arrive at the movies and go see if there is any kids movies available. The only one was “My Little Pony” but since we had seen it twice, we definitely had to rule it out and all of us girls agreed!

Our only choices left where Halloween horror films and boring action movies. So I have to improvise…

“Look, a magickal carousel girls!”, and the girls love the idea and so we embark into a voyage of never ending circles on a horse. By the time that the long carousel ride was over, we were queasy to our stomachs that we will probably won’t want to be back in another decade. Yup, we go all in or all out! That’s because we roll that way!

After we get off the carousel we have the brightest idea in the whole wide world and that was to go ride the escalators at Dillard’s. It was fun, very fun….i tell you…

So…Jordan decided that she wanted to go to the restroom during our escalator adventure so we dropped by on the second floor. Once she is back from her restroom field trip, we literally start tripping on the Christmas decor. It was so fun looking at the Christmas decor that we spent 30 lovely minutes playing jingle bells on the crystal snow globe.

Oh how fun it is to ride on the escalator down while mall is about to close!

As we were going down the escalator for one last time before they closed the mall on us, Madison mentioned how memorable this day was and how she’ll never forget how much fun we had after we thought that our day was almost ruined earlier. She mentioned the beautiful Christmas trees, uncomfortably stiff nutcrackers, Santa Clauses, Christmas village and all the pretty things we got to see.

To make it even better, I told them that we should go get Halloween candy to give out and they happily screamed “Yay”

…..Indeed, It was a good day!

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