No shoes, no shirt, no marranos at 802 Starbucks

It wasn’t long ago that el marrano considered the Starbucks on 802 his “second home”.   Erasmo has been seen in Brownsville on a daily basis right after the city commission election earlier this year in May.  On his occasional visits to Brownsville while living in Austin all the previous years, he would visit this place and take selfies to proclaim and make believe that he was living in Brownsville. 

When he would visit his “favorite” place back in 2016

So why after a couple of years visiting this place he would stop coming and start visiting another without reason? he posts everything on Facebook?  It started getting pretty suspicious but of course there’s always a reason for everything. 

A post from an employee at Starbucks

We were able to get in contact with a former employee who goes by the pseudoname “Mr. O” who worked at that location until the summer and was able to share the story of what happened in the incident which merited the post above. 


So now that el marrano is banned from the old starbucks? where is he now?  Well at a different starbucks of course.   He doesn’t tell his followers that he is no longer welcomed at the old location, just another example of how he’s able to manipulate his followers into believing he is something that he’s not. We know who he is, the same old scam artist and conniving marrano that he is and always will be.

His new location

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