Lo que es no tener verguenza

Some people have no shame, but never the less, what can you expect from el marrano.   First you post a private coupon that was intended for employee’s family and friends for a soft opening to help on their training.  Second after fucking it up, you show up unannounced the next day acting like you got a “tour” thinking you’re someone important, and third to top things off you have the fucking nerve to show up and eat for free, the least decent thing you could of done is not shown but asi eres, un pinche puerco de persona. 

Pig doing what pig does

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Frank Mar

IT network administrator at Ocean Microsystems
I'm a Blogger, Website master, fan of the US Men's National Team. I like making videos on food and drinks. I'm married, have a wonderful wife that I've been with for over 6years and have a 5 year old son. I speak 4 languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish. I work at home and work on complex IT systems for a living. Anything you need to know, hit me up on facebook or twitter.

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