I am used to enumerate my blessings in my journal every other morning while having breakfast. Unfortunately, It had been a while since my last entry but today I felt a strong urge and something different in my heart. That feeling could be described as spiritual with a sense of being in tune with the nature of things. You could also describe this feeling as a strong flame full of energy running up and down my spine and expelling heat through my heart. I could not help but feel extremely thankful for this and shed a few tears as I wrote. Well, after finishing up my enumerations, I said “Thank You Universe!” and suddenly the lights in the room brightened up so intensely as if the universe knew that I wanted to be heard! I then write again to tell it that I saw the sign, so lo’ and behold, again when I am done writing, my favorite song “Viva La Vida” (because it has my nickname) pops up….This means a lot to me because I have a way to connect with nature and be in synch with things. It is an assurance that my prayers are heard somewhere in this vast omniverse. #ThankyouUniverse #Iloveyoucreator #blessmemore

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Viva Zworski

A very talented individual who loves the beauty of art and being an artist to all of its extense. I am very spiritual, honest, and have a strong personality. I love doing independent movies and planning on higher projects on the near future. I paint, I sing, I photograph, Hosting, TV commercials, Media modeling and more..... Overall, I am just another human being like you.

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