Castro announces candidacy for BISD, 7th time a charm?

Not that it was news since we predicted this about 3 years back and actually wrote an article titled The pig who never stopped running, but officially Erasmo Castro has declared his candidacy for BISD Trustee.  Running a race in BISD is not anything new for Castro, it was only two years ago that he went up against Laura Peres-Reyez for BISD Trustee position #5 and lost by a large margin.  Realizing that in order to win an actual race entitles to actually residing in the city that someone claims, Erasmo had to stop lying to people about living in Brownsville while in Austin.  


Trustees up for re-election this year

There is three board of trustees who are up for re-election this year and although I’m not sure who is seeking re-election , I can give my thought as to what will happen.  Joe Rodriguez despite looking like he belongs in a museum has too much going on with the various sports equipment contracts in the millions of dollars, so from the looks of things it looks like he’ll be sticking around.  Cesar Lopez the current BISD Board President, recently ran in the Port of Brownsville Commission race against John Wood and was unsuccessful so it looks like he’ll be looking to keep his seat.  It is more than likely Castro will be trying to run for position #2 which is held by Carlos Elizondo.   Elizondo the ex-firechief faces an uphill legal battle after being charged with theft by a public servant and misapplication of fiduciary property and just recently was arrested for breaching computer security.  

Castro who is 51 years old and lives in his parents basement with his three cats is trying to be the first person in Brownsville history to win a public seat with no real job.  Erasmo has claimed in the past that his experience of posting lost dogs on facebook qualifies him to be able to serve the needs of the school district.  It will be quiet interesting in the next weeks to see who else will throw their name in the hat and if there is a worthy opponent that will challenge Castro for the position.   

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