How el marrano won the BISD election.

After 6 consecutive failed attempts at running for public office, what seemed impossible, became possible, el marrano de monte aka Erasmo Castro finally managed to win.  It was a very close race for BISD position 2 and prior to the election nobody knew who was going to win.   The final results put Erasmo 1490 votes over second place,  Otis Powers and 1906 votes over 3rd place Carlos Elizondo.  

Final results

But exactly how did Erasmo win this race, what made him get over that final hump?   I’ll be going over on how this was possible due to some ingenuity, manipulation, secret funds, lies and other political factors. 

Selfie with dirty teeth

One of the first things that el marrano needed to do, was move to Brownsville from Austin.   Erasmo was living in Austin until about early 2017.  Many people had believed that Erasmo was actually a Brownsville resident by the occasional monthly selfies when he visited town but I finally broke the fake the news when I released a story titled Where has Cheez really lived these past 5 years? Find out the truth.   He was forced to come clean on his whereabouts,  and admit that he had lied to everyone.   Realizing that the truth was finally out, he had to officially make the move back to town.  Once back in town, his obsession to take pictures of himself anywhere started and not just the occasional selfie but trying to break a daily record of most selfies taken.  

Telling people at church to vote for him

Erasmo is a self proclaimed prophet, he is seen typically on Sunday’s at the church of his father at Tyler St.   He was telling church members that they needed to vote for him, that it was God’s will and if they did not vote for him, would be disobedient to God and to the church and that they no longer would be welcomed at the church.  He went even to printing a list of eligible voters that attend the church and made it clear to them, vote Erasmo or out.  

Marrano and Luis Saenz

In previous elections, Erasmo always talked about “running a grassroots campaign” and that his only source of funding was through his friends and family.    But he made it clear that this election he was going to play dirty, he was going to use whatever resources available and that he sure did.  One of the first things he first did was ask for assistance from Luis Saenz, the current District Attorney for Cameron County.   It was none other than Luis Saenz himself who gave Erasmo Castro a gave out of jail free card back in the early 90s, in return Erasmo has promised to never talk bad about the DA in any way shape or form.   Juan Montoya, the publisher of El Rrun rrun published an article years ago how Erasmo should of never been eligible to run for any position because he’s a convict, that article can be found  With extra funds now available, ever noticed all those signs around Brownsville? Where do you think the money came from? Take a guess

Carlos Elizondo, ex firechief

Carlos Elizondo once stood tall in Brownsville, he was the newly appointed firechief and it seemed like this race should of been in the bag no matter who ran against him but then things took a quick downward spiral.  He was indicted for embezzlement and then removed as fire chief, as if that wasn’t enough he was also indicted for tampering with city computer systems when he was not allowed to pending investigation.  With all the charges against him, it should of been best for Carlos Elizondo to step down and focus on his legal troubles.  Rather than being a two person race, with Elizondo in there he caused the vote to split three ways.   I would predict that at least 70% of Elizondo’s votes would of gone to Powers and 30% to Castro, and this would of put Otis with a total of 15333 votes over Erasmo’s 13313, but since that wasn’t the case,  Erasmo was able to capitalize on that and get the win instead. 

With him now as BISD Trustee and becoming an official public figure, things are going to get worse for el marrano,  because now he’s going to be watched even further with every decision he makes and most importantly we have lots of articles that we haven’t published yet and saving the best for last.   Stay tuned. 

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