El marrano lies to the police !!! Official police report obtained by Brownsville Herald


Today’s Brownsville Herald Sunday edition published a front page article detailing el marrano’s arrest from the Brownsville Police Department.     It shows that at 1:05am (Monday Sept  2nd) there was a call to the police referencing a traffic accident.  When the police arrived, el marrano was sitting on the back seat, and he told the police the car stalled on the side of the road.    There was observable damage to the vehicle and a flat tire, but el marrano told police,  “The car was driving fine like that”.   The police smelled his breathe and since it smelled like heavy alcohol, el marrano stated “He had a cup of wine and that he came from pokey’s planet”

Now we know all that story erasmo told bullshit and here’s why.  

Ordering drinks

With drink in hand.

Erasmo Castro and friends

Around 11 o clock, Erasmo was seen at the  ordering drinks and getting wasted and it sure wasn’t wine.  Now Erasmo has lost weight in the last two years through two gastric surgeries,  he’s still heavy and for him to get intoxicated means he must of been ordering a bunch of drinks.

El marrano makes fun of himself

Now at some point after drinking heavily at the bar, Erasmo headed to his favorite hangout spot, at Whataburger in front of Sams Club on Alton Gloor, and posted a picture and captioned it “Please Stay awake” in reference to his several episodes where he’s passed out from alcohol.  Now one thing to note,  there’s nothing wrong with his face at this point in time but we’ll bring it up shortly.  After Whataburger he drove home in that state.

Map of headed direction.

El marrano lives with his parents in the basement and they live on the corner of Stagecoach Dr and Morrison Rd (Red Star).   This is the part that gets interesting,  el marrano had finished leaving Whataburger and heading home, that means he must of traveled south on the freeway and then exited and headed East Bound on Morrison Rd.   Now how did El marrano end up on the other side of Morrison Rd in the field?  We know this because on East Side of Morrison Rd there is a sidewalk but on the west bound side, there isn’t.   This means that El marrano somehow swerved and went over the median and went through oncoming traffic and landed in the field, during the process he busted out his tire and took damage on the driver side.  

Google Maps traveling East Bound on Morrison Rd.


If you look on the picture from google images,  notice the sidewalk is on the east bound direction, but on the opposite side of Morrison heading West bound, there isn’t a sidewalk, this motherfucker went through the damn median and onto traffic possibly almost killing someone.  

Marrano’s Car from witness in the field on Morrison Rd.

In the picture above, you can clearly see the car on the field, there isn’t any sidewalk on there, but that is the westbound of Morrison Rd, how did the fucker get there?  The answer is simple, he simply went through the damn median, took damage onto the vehicle and got a flat tire, and not only that, he hit himself in the damn face by the force of impact almost killing himself.

Erasmo’s forehead

Remember I mentioned earlier to look at his face in the Whataburger picture, it’s very visible this dude hit himself between the time he left Whataburger to when he got arrested, only logical explanation is that he hit himself in the steering wheel when he went over the curb onto the other side of the road.   Castro had claimed in the report that he was coming from Pokey’s Planet, that place is on Boca Chica and is not even open on Sunday’s,  so there was no way he was there.   Rumors from different people have mentioned that el marrano is now telling people that he saw a cat and being the cat lover he swerved to avoid hitting it.   This man is fucking full of shit and needs to be put behind bars before his reckless endangerment kills someone.  He’s tried to lie so much that he even deleted all the pictures of that night of him getting drunk, but good thing we saved them. 

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