Another city blog bites the dust

Just learned over the weekend that the blog titled “Brownsville Republic” has ceased publication.   This blog was maintained by long time native writer, Duardo Paz-Martinez.    Duardo who on occasion was known to get into online fights with other bloggers wrote that he’s moved back to Denver, Colorado and will not be able to update the blog.  I wish you best of luck from one writer to another writer.   Duardo previously was a staff writer for the Boston Globe and New York Post, which explained his professional writing style.   His fairwell adios can be read in his last publication

This leaves the following blogs available online

The McHale Report by Jerry Mchale

Brownsville Observer by Jim Barton (formerly known as Mean Mr. Brownsville)

Brownsville Voice by Bobby Wightman-Cervantes

El Rrun Rrun by Juan Montoya

and of course,  #nomorecheezmeh 

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