An actual lawsuit has taken place to remove Erasmo Castro !!!!

Sec 87.012, item #14

Just learned that Zachary Blevins  has filed a formal civil lawsuit in Cameron County to remove Erasmo Castro from the BISD school district.  Information first came to light when the Brownsville Herald published an article on this Sunday’s newspaper on how a school board member can be ousted.  Under Chapter 87 of the Texas Local Government Code, a district judge may remove a school board for incompetency, official misconduct,  and intoxication (on or off duty), of course Erasmo qualifies for all three.   It has been stated by District Attorney Luis Saenz, this type of petition hasn’t been seen in over 35+ years since he’s worked for Cameron County. 


Judge Cordova

The judge that will be handling the petition will be Judge Adolfo Cordoba of the 197th court of Cameron Co.  It will be an interesting turn of events as Erasmo did not see this coming.   One thing to note, if this lawsuit goes through, what does it mean for all the other political candidates out there in the state of Texas who have driven drunk, their positions will be at risk, which is somewhat of a good thing because nobody has bothered to do anything about it until today.  Michael Vargas who is also San Benito School District Board President, was also sued by members of the community and we’ll see how that turns out.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, NO MAS BORRACHOS.  

It’s done, paperwork filed.


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