Is this BISD Trustee trying to hurt himself or gain pity?

Earlier this evening, Erasmo posted the following message that he’s hearing voices in his head.  Clear signs that the guy is mentally unstable, and this is the type of person that is representing our children in Brownsville.  

At approximately 7pm,  Erasmo Castro posted this other message , indicating that he was going to be offline for a while, with the keyword “hopefully” as some sort of cryptic message. 

Interestingly enough, one of his many known fake facebook accounts posts the following message exactly 15-20 minutes afterwards indicating that Erasmo was admitted to the hospital.   This same account below, was seen often in the #nomorecheezmeh page 4 years ago but some time ago blocked me.   How would this person know that Erasmo is in the hospital literally just after he post’s he’s signing off? Coincidence?


Erasmo has always used diversion when things against him are going to occur, this is just another attempt of him doing so.   He knows the time is coming for real, so why not attempt to make cover and run for it? A couple of years ago, he had claimed he had cancer but that turned out to be false.   

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