BISD October 1st meeting recap.

Neglected monument.

It was an interesting turn of events tonight at BISD for their monthly meeting.   Several people from the audience took their turns to speak up for public comment.    A few good points was brought up by a couple of veterans known as “Warrior United in Arms”.  They pointed out there’s a monument in one of the old high schools that has the name of 93 soldiers from Brownsville who gave their lives in World War 2 and that currently has been partly neglected and could be better suited by being moved to Veteran’s Park and get restored.  

One of the first speakers to discuss anything regarding Erasmo Castro’s recent behavior was that of Mario Saenz, known political activist in Cameron County.  He basically pleaded with the members of the board to behave as professionals and they are role models to students in and out of campus.  

Zach Blevins

Next was Zachary Blevins who immediately upon talking was interrupted by BISD Board attorney, Baltazar Salazar.  Zach Blevins tried to contest his right to free speech and the 1st amendment while Baltazar threatened with his removal if Blevins didn’t refrain from naming members of the board by their name.  Minerva Peña had to step in and allow Zach his two minutes of public comment time.   While Zach spoke against having Castro as a board member, Castro looked at the audience smiling and making gestures.   I’m not sure if there is a law anywhere prohibiting the public from mentioning members of the board by their name, Baltazar stated because people are watching on live TV although I am not sure what that has to do with anything considering a school district is a public entity and there has been a new law in effect as of September 1st. 

Castro thinking he was getting asked for autograph

Prior to board meeting, Erasmo was served by one of the process servers for Cameron County.  This is important because Erasmo has always tried to hide when the shit is hitting the fan,  and there was nowhere to hide this time.  Erasmo will have to go to court and defend himself and that opens the possibility of removal by the district judge.  We’re still waiting on the DWI blood work to come in which by now has been 4 weeks, so it should be anytime now unless some bullshit happens and the police say it was contaminated or they lost the specimen.  Knowing how things roll in Cameron County, nothing really surprises me.   

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