Ghostcows of 511

Ghost cow as I remember it.

Many years ago I was driving at midnight down Dr. Hughes Emerson Rd (Alton Gloor before Paredes Ln) going towards 511 when all of a sudden I saw what appeared to be a cow on the side of the road.  It was a normal looking cow, those that you normally see like in Chic Fil A, a dairy cow, it was mostly white with a few black spots.   I didn’t think much about it at first other than it was pretty strange seeing a cow at night considering they do sleep a lot.   Upon passing the cow, I looked in my rear view mirror and my side mirror and noticed the cow was gone,  seemed to have disappeared literally from plain view, but again I didn’t think much about it since I was trying to get quickly to my house.  

Some years passed by and I was with a group of friends talking local ghost stories when one of them mentioned,  “How about the ghost cows down by 511?” and I immediately thought, fuck I saw a damn ghost cow.  I never told anyone what I saw long time ago, so how was it that other people saw ghost cows too in the same area unless they were real? 

Cattle trails map

Chisolm marker in Brownsville

I tried to do some research into the origin of the ghost cows and couldn’t find much information online, however I did find that cattle drives were very common during the post civil war era.  One of the most famous cattle trails was that of the Chisholm Trail which ran all the way from Brownsville and other parts of South Texas all the way north into Kansas, thousands of cattle would be rounded up and then put in trains to be sent to other parts of the country so that people in Boston, New York, Philadelphia could eat delicious cuts of steak.  It might be quiet possible that a couple of these cows in the trail may have been sacrificed by the herders and the tortured souls of these cows cry for help at night.   If attempting to drive at night to see a ghost cow,  please be careful as there has been numerous reports through out the years of accidents by people attempting to swerve to avoid hitting one of these cows.  Have you seen a ghost cow? Let us know your story and comment below. 

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