Erasmo cries for transfer of court venue out of Cameron Co.

A few weeks ago,  Erasmo Castro got served his court papers on live TV during one of the BISD meetings, the lawsuit can be read here ->  An actual lawsuit has taken place to remove Erasmo Castro !!!!  The lawsuit is basically telling the court to follow Chapter 87 of the Texas Local Government Code and to remove el marrano de monte from office based on such actions stated.  In order to try to have the lawsuit thrown away , Angela Nix (el marrano’s lawyer), has tried to put in a motion to squash the lawsuit  (request to a court to render a previous decision of that court or a lower judicial body null or invalid), not really surprised by this action after all, Angela Nix loves her little snuggly puff. 

Crying like a pussy

In an interesting twist,  Castro submitted an affidavit begging the court to change venue because “he fears for his life”,  the full copy of Castro’s affidavit can be found on the link below.
He says for about 5 years he’s been stalked and received death threats , but everyone knows the fucker makes shit up to have people feel sorry for his ass,  I don’t like the guy but I never wished harm upon anybody,  if this was true as he claims, how come he’s never gone to the police,  because he knows he’ll be arrested for making a false police report.   He also says “individuals”, who number in the thousands take pictures of him eating, leaving functions ..etc… at public events, what this dumbass fails to understand is that he wanted to be a public figure, and as a public figure you have no legal rights to privacy from the media,  as long as you’re out in the public, anything is fair game, now it would be a different story if somebody was trying to invade his parents house but this has never occurred.  For the past 5 years he’s been a public figure since when you decide to run for public office, you become automatically a public figure, que no se haga pendejo !!!

Castro and Crystal Childs

One of his loyal friends, Crystal Childs also submitted a sworn affidavit,  and states there has been videos of threatening his life by showing guns and asking people to take matters into their own hands which was shared “tens of thousands of times” but yet again if this was true, why wasn’t any police reports filed? After all I’m sure the police saw it considering it was shared “thousands of times” Why didn’t the police arrest the person making these threats? Because it’s simply not true.  She also writes, these same individuals posted a gun and a pig and that it was hunting season, if I recall correctly it was an original post by Texas Park and Wildlife announcing wild hog season, I just shared the post to give readers information as when the dates , so if anything they should call the police on them.  You can view the 
Crystal Childs Full Affidavit

Castro and Martin Leal

Another loyal friend is Martin Leal who wrote in his affidavit, “I have met with bloggers and facebook page administrators… who have expressed their utmost hate…. they expressed that they will do whatever it takes to destroy him” .   I actually met with Mr. Leal in person a few weeks ago at his business, Angelitas Cafe after other bloggers attacked his business due to the fact that Castro’s show was aired there and I wanted to let him know that our battle against Mr. Castro through the years has nothing to do with his business and that I would never trash a business simply because he’s there.  I ended up buying a frozen abuelita cappuccino which was pretty good.  
Martin Leal’s full affidavit

Castro and Griselda

One family member, Griselda Rimaldo (nee Benavidez) came to the defense and said that bloggers are just trying to defame el marrano for anything,  which is not true because just about everything I’ve written has had facts behind the stories, perhaps the other bloggers like El Rrun Rrun may have said something that could of been considered defamation.  
Grisela Ramaldo affidavit 

For a full timeline of what’s going with the lawsuit, you can visit this site below, and under smart search enter the case number “2019-DCL-05623” without the quotations.

Castro’s time is coming to an end and he knows it, that’s why he’s shitting bricks and telling people to write affidavits on his behalf to attempt the venue be moved to a different court (county).   I’m just a blogger, I don’t have political ties to anybody, including Cameron County District Attorney of Luis Saenz,  and like I tell everyone out there, if any political person is doing stupid shit, I’m going to call them out, that includes the DA.  But as stated, I’m just a blogger, I write, I don’t have any influence over anyone. 

Also by the end of this week I’ll be filing grievances with BISD as to why I’m still blocked by Erasmo Castro on his private and public pages where I’m not allowed to comment to posts related to BISD.  

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