Erasmo Castro attacks BISD board then denies it.

On Wednesday Castro took to the news after a special BISD policy meeting and spoke on camera with KRGV regarding the censure that was placed on him on Tuesday by the BISD board.    The interview was in Spanish but Castro mentions that BISD is taking retaliation upon him for comments made online regarding the corruption of BISD school board members and them getting paid by vendors.  The video of the interview can be watched on the KRGV link @
and you can watch a direct copy below.

Yesterday on Facebook, Erasmo Castro published a small post regarding the KRGV Video that was published and the news (channel 5) made it sound as if he was accusing the board members of illegalities. He says “These were not my words…”, so apparently it seems that to el marrano de monte,  the person in the video is not him. 

Post made and later deleted.

The post was then later deleted shortly from his timeline but not before we were able to take a screenshot of it and be able to post on the website.  Then Castro made another post.

According to Castro, the BISD Attorney,  Baltazar Salazar is now trying to sanction him and prohibit him from visitation to any schools and school functions, limiting him to BISD meetings only.  Despite that I don’t like the attorney myself,  this sanction is actually good since let’s be honest, we all know el marrano is a pervert and after yesterday’s article that I published confirming he loves looking at minor’s half naked by leaving hearts ❤️,  he’s doing everyone a favor.  

My personal opinion and this I’ve said many times before is that Castro is not right in the head and now that all the media spotlight is on him, it’s made him gone crazy, but it’s not long from now that all this will end soon, he’ll be removed from office in the upcoming weeks, it’s just a matter of time. 

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