Valley Incest occuring in Deep South Texas

Normally when you hear Incest in the United States, it’s mostly heard as a stereotypical joke about rednecks and the areas around the Appalachian mountains (Kentucky, Virginia, the Carolinas..etc). 

Incest by legal definition as stated on Wikipedia below.

Incest /ˈɪnsɛst/ is human sexual activity between family members or close relatives.[1][2] This typically includes sexual activity between people in consanguinity (blood relations), and sometimes those related by affinity (marriage or stepfamily), adoptionclan, or lineage.

I suppose the origin of a lot of these stereotypes from the Appalachians originated from the rural areas.  Before common modes of transportation became available, many of the towns were pretty much isolated when it came to the aspect of social lives. Many people moved in and only a few would move out, but essentially the same families would be living in the same town for 200+ years. A town might be only a mile from its nearest neighbor, but that would be on the other side of a mountain, so very few people ever left their home regions, sometimes never even their hometown. 

There’s a funny valley saying in Spanish that goes “¿De verdad te gusta tu prima? – Pos claro, mano. A la prima se le arrima”. For many this is just a joke that we used to say to ourselves when we were kids but for a certain somebody, this saying is actually true and a slightly modified version goes like this “¿Oye prima, de verdad te gusta mi hijo? – Si primo, tu sabes que me lo pico. ”

As mentioned above, the reasons for incest in rural areas, one area that seems to have the same attributes that fits the bill is Raymondville TX, a very small city in Deep South Texas with a population of just over 11,000 people. The closest major cities are Harlingen which is 30 minutes away, McAllen 1 hour away, and Brownsville, TX which is also 1 hour drive.  There isn’t anything major that stands out in Raymondville other than the historic water tower as you go up Highway 77, but you literally pass the whole city in a span of 30 seconds as you drive down the freeway, blink and you’re in an out.  Since the nearest cities are a bit far, we suspect there’s probably some incest going on and somebody had reported to me this was the case, so we wanted to find out the truth. 

Cub and Cougar mom

Aww so happy together

After a bit of researching, it looks like we found self proclaimed social influencer and political candidate for Sheriff of Willacy Co.  Vanessa Tijerina with a much younger man who happens to be her boyfriend.  Now Tijerina has always had a thing for much younger men, maybe as she’s now over 40 years old, she considers herself a cougar and likes to keep a cub around and there isn’t anything wrong with that really, but it turns out that her cub also happens to be her nephew !!!

Parents of the boyfriend.

Now as it turns out, the boyfriend is actually the son of Tijerina’s cousin, making Vanessa the aunt of this young man.   The gentleman with the Cowboy hat and Sunglasses from above picture is Vanessa’s cousin.   

Cousin on top right and nephew flexing.

Looks like these two have a bit of history of seeing each other quiet well at the family reunions.  Somebody has some explaining to do !!!!!

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