State Senator Candidate son selling drugs.

Current political candidate Chiskis Tijerina who’s running for State Candite District #27 goes live daily about 4-5 times and several of those lives last 3 hours at a time. While she goes live she forgets about the well being of her kids. Vanessa has four kids, three of which live with her in her Raymondville home. While she spends most of the day inside her car making live videos fighting herself, her 16 year old is doing drugs and selling them all while also being the caretaker of the smaller girls. This is not the first time she leaves her daughters alone with a drug dealer, she was previously dating her own nephew who was also on drugs and got busted doing spice.

In the video below of his snapchat, he’s seen selling speed (amphetamines) and lean (codeine), lean is often used to make sizzurp aka purple drank which is seen in some other pictures on this article.

On an Instagram picture he posted of himself getting drunk and high, he captions it “high AF” and Vanessa completely ignores it and responds with “I LOVE YOU”.

On the videos below, her son appears to be smoking a THC vaping pen and getting high from the looks of his eyes. In the following video, smoking a regular cigarette.

Remember in the beginning when I talked about using codeine to make sizzurp? This is a picture of him consuming purple drank which was posted also on the kids instagram.

It’s very sad when as a parent, one prefers to be making live videos all day all meanwhile the kids get left unattended and are entirely left on their own.

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