The confrontation of DJ Jellybean

This was sent to me about DJ Jellybean (Takuachi 69), bodyguard of State Senator Candidate Chiskis Tijerina. The back story goes as follows.

DJ Jellybean called out Claudia Jaramillo (same one in relation to chiskis tijerina) on a facebook post. Claudia didn’t like that and defending her niece. Jellybean acting tough on social media called everyone out to come by and challenge her. Claudia called Jellybean by FB call to see what’s up. Jellybean still acting tough invited them to back up their talk and see if they are going to visit. Sure enough Claudia drives from Brownsville to Raymondville and shows up at Jellybeans home. Jellybean doesn’t get out of the house and calls the cops. The next day she acts tough again on Facebook.

This is the same video that was uploaded to Facebook last night and it was reported. They are trying hard to censor nomorecheezmeh, but we shall not be silenced.

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  1. Ha. What a weasel. 🤣

  2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 idk how I’d feel if my mom was out acting this way smh

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