Statistics do not lie. The real Cheez experience.

We know the cheez man has not had a job and this is why he always tries to answer the question with another question to avoid giving a direct answer. If you ask us “Hey guys, have you had a job in the last 10 years” It is either Yes or No, it is really quiet not that difficult to answer but for some reason, the question is super ridiculously hard to answer when asked to Mr. Castro. So he mentions that in the last 5 years, he has been the administrator of a social page (Brownsville Cheezmeh) and we want to know if this counts as a job, and if it does, what does it actually entitle ? Well, here at our team, we took a program that analyzes all the posts Mr. Castro has posted publicly in the last 5 years (over 10,000+ posts) to see what exact experience he brings in to the mayoral race. Now, we don’t have to make up any of this stuff, numbers are numbers.  Does this qualify as experience? We let you be the judge.

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If it counts as a job, then I have