People think he’s a little angel, but calls people, pieces of shit.

When you are running to be Mayor, it is best to watch what you say, because sooner or later it is coming back to haunt you. Now the cheez man is trying hard to cover his tracks. Unfortunately for him, being that he has made so many enemies, everyone has a piece of information that is being shared to us. Does anyone remember this post? Well, we have it to show everyone he is not the person he tries to make himself seen. People that were associated with the slightest relationship to these people he called “pieces of shit” were blocked from the cheezmeh page just for being a friend in facebook of these people. Does anyone remember the “Do Not Elect Erasmo Castro for Brownsville Mayor” page??? He would claim he didn’t care for hater pages, and there he was looking through all the people writing comments, so he can block those people, some of those people never went to his page anyway, but blocked them. Sorry Mr. Castro, everyone is seeing through you.

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