Say’s hes going to spend time with family, but really has anxiety disorder.

One thing we find amusing is how many times he lies to the people. Mr. Castro has anxiety disorder and he can’t  be away from his phone longer than 2 minutes. One time we were dining out a few months ago and he was talking about this mayoral race seriously, his phone battery had died and his food hadn’t came in yet. He started acting all weird, twiddling his thumbs, scratching his neck, and was getting very agitated. He took off and said there was an emergency and told the waiter “they had taken to long to get his food” while in reality, only 2 or 3 minutes had gone by from the moment the order was taken. If it’s one thing we do know, is that he CANNOT be away from his phone, he gets a certain feeling of gratification when he posts and people like his useless posts. Go to any of his fundraisers and instead of interacting with the people, he’s busy checking his phone.  Is this who we want as mayor? One that spends all his time on Facebook? Look at any of the selfies he posts, it looks like he never gets any sleep, because he is spending too much time on the internet. He’ll post 50 things today, trust us, he cannot help it.

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