Why the need for multiple fake accounts?

Why does the self proclaimed future mayor, have a need to be secretive? After all he claims transparency, so why the need? At one point he had over 50 fake accounts to support his page and talk bad against those who opposed or not agreed with him.  He has used his fake accounts to attack our previous page by reporting our page as “harassment or bullying” and ultimately bring it down since Facebook sided with the reports, and that is what lead us make this website. He has used his fake accounts to start trends, this is why usually when there is a controversial post, there will be a down time when he replies using his personal account as he is logging into the fake accounts and posting. The featured image is just a few known accounts, how many fake accounts mr. castro has is a real mystery. People think he’s a nice guy, but in reality he’s a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.

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