When was the last time the Cheez had a job in Brownsville?

The Cheez talks so much about changing the city and so forth, but why doesn’t he ever mention what he has done previously? We all know he’s lived in Austin the last 5+ years posting on Facebook 24/7.  But exactly when was the last time, he had a job? And most importantly, when was the last time he had a job in this city, in Brownsville. We think this is a question that should be asked,  after all, he wants to represent the people.  Usually when you are in your mid 20’s, you have had a few odd jobs here and there and whatever that job may be, it will serve as experience sometime sooner or later. The Cheez is almost 50 years old so by now, he should have tons of experience working somewhere right? So why doesn’t he post specifically what jobs he has had in the past? Why the need for secrecy? After all, you talk about “TRANSPARENCY” …. is it possible that maybe you haven’t really had a job? So how do you plan to represent the people when you been sitting in front of a computer all day? Please enlighten us.

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