Why is the Cheez begging for money?

Why does the Cheez have to resort being a beggar? Well the truth is, he hasn’t had a job and always wants hands out from the people. If he had a job in the past, even if he saved $1 a day each working day for a year (not including weekends) he would have about $251 saved up and if you multiply that by 5 years that would be about $1300 dollars, now this is based off an estimate for 5 years, if he worked 10 years and saved the same amount ($1 day) this would be about $13,000 a real good amount to kick off a campaign and this is just being minimal off a saving of $1 per day, imagine if that was $5 per day x 10 years then he would have about $65,000 dollars by now. Numbers are numbers and we don’t have to make anything up to be funny, it is actually quiet sad when we think about it how a low life who has spent his life on Facebook and publicizing information sent in, bad parking, lost pets wants to be mayor of the city.



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I like this page, but your math is off a bit… 251 * 5 = 1255… about 1300 as you said… but for 10 years that 251*10 = 2510 … about 25 hundred, now… since i discovered an honest mistake and i know it was not intentional, are you going to block me?? haha, jk jk… i have also been blocked before from the cheez page for pointing the obvious! i support thy my friend!