What does a billion dollars buy you?

With the estimated jackpot of Powerball at 1.5 billion dollars and with the cash option close to 930 million dollars it is no wonder that everyone in the United States is going crazy for powerball fever.  I played $20 with two people on Wednesday and well obviously I am still here so I didn’t win 😛  but it’s still nice to dream for that particular moment in time exactly what type of life you’ll have being instantly rich.  Well let’s take a look at a couple of things and see what 1 billion dollars exactly buys you.


For starters you can get the world’s most expensive car, a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.   This thing of beauty was auctioned off in 2014 for the insane price of $38 million dollars.   I like classic cars but I wouldn’t see myself paying this much for an older ferrari, but you know the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Now keep in mind this is what the car sold for in auction, the world’s most expensive production car is the Maybach Exelero valued at about $8 million dollars, if you do an image search on google on the maybach, it kind of looks ugly to me.


You got your wheels, now you gotta sail the waves in style. You got the money why not get yourself a mega yacht? Something similar to this one called “Octopus” which belongs to Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen will set you back about $280 million dollars.  You got a full private cinema, two heliports, a music studio, and a 10 person submarine, you name it, this thing has pretty much everything.


Popping bottles in the ice, like a blizzard, when we drink we do it right gettin slizzard, sippin sizzurp in my ride, like Three 6, Now I’m feeling so fly like a G6….. if anyone knows the lyrics to this song, it was popular a few years ago… every time you went to a club you probably heard it, well the song is in reference to the Gulfstream G650, a private passenger jet.  One of these will cost you about 65 million dollars, but hey it comes equipped with everything you need; satellite tv, internet, bar, maybe even a hot hostess? You’ll never travel by passenger airplane anymore.


Obviously if you have millions and millions of dollars, instead of renting or buying a condo, why not buy yourself a damn island? Well depending on how much you really want to spend you can get a small island that will fit a house or you can buy one in the Caribbean or maybe in the Pacific for a couple of million.  There’s a website called that you can see a lot of listed properties for sale and you’ll be surprised that some are available for less than a million while some are in the hundreds of millions.


Maybe you’re tired of your favorite sports team losing all the damn time, well you got a billion dollars you could actually buy yourself your own team and fire the coaches and players and maybe buy yourself some star players. In the case of the Milwaukee Bucks which are the least expensive team in the NBA, valued at about 312 million you could make an offer and see if they might make the playoffs.  If you’re interested in a football team like the Dallas Cowboys, that will set you back 3 billion dollars, but you could become part owner and own 33% of the team and have a say so and fire Tony Romo.


One of my boyhood dreams was traveling into outer space, well for about $50 million dollars, you can be a cosmonaut for 10 days and have the ultimate experience.  Many years ago one of the Nsync members, Lance Bass went as a passenger from Russia.  The company Virgin Galactic should be offering low orbit space flights for about $250,000 a piece.

It would be nice to win Powerball or any lottery for that matter, but you can’t win it if you don’t play at all.  So make sure you go out and find some spare change in between the couch cushions and buy yourself a ticket, it’s only $2.  You have better odds getting struck by lightning 5 times than winning the powerball, but hey still it feels good to dream that you’ll be that winner right? Best of luck to everyone.


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