Gay pride flags πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ removed at SPI, residents complain.

It’s pride week (Oct 9th – Oct 13th) for the LGBTQ community down in South Padre Island and several pride flags where placed on the median down Padre Blvd to promote the week long event, however due to residential complaints to the city they were removed.    In Houston we have a known gay influential neighborhood (down the Montrose Area) and see many residences place their pride flags in front of their house and even pride colors painted along the street crosswalks.   I’m straight and have no personal issues with anyone displaying pride flags in front of their neighborhood or their business, I’ve frequented several businesses and have conducted business without any problems.  Why residents who live in South Padre Island complain about pride flags during pride week is beyond me, but remember folks, don’t let flags dictate your feelings. 

Flags being removed

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Pride as my Witness

LIES. Entire article is false. Flags were down at night and up every single day of Pride.


Your wrong. From my understanding the city had to take them down at night then put them back up during the next day. Seemed like standard procedure. The flags were displayed every day of the pride weekend events