Evonne Contreras, a criminal history

Arrested for theft March 2013

Evonne Contreras, who goes by alias “Bonnie Sylvia Contreras”  on Facebook has had a long history of run ins with the law.   There is always a reason for everything on why people end up being how they are when they are older.   Evonne grew up in a modest home in Brownsville,  daughter of Rene Contreras and Sylvia Contreras.  Her father was a hard working man at the Levi’s company in Brownsville and her mom a stay at home mom.   When Evonne’s dad passed away in the early 90s, life became hard on the family.   A single mom of two children,  Evonne claims she cannot work due to “spine and leg injuries”, I don’t know if her claims are true, but what is true is that she has no issues what so ever spending the whole day on facebook fighting with people.

Gofundme to feed her kids.

Two months ago, she put a gofundme link, which has now been removed from her, she states that she is getting disability benefits and foodstamps but that it will be cut off and needs help because times are tough.  She should read my work at home article I posted years ago, how to work at  @ Learn how to work at home, legit jobs, 100% certified. 

Ms. Contreras is no stranger from the law, having been booked in 2013 for theft and in 2018 for assault, so she is a dangerous individual.

She has been known to use the following facebook accounts below. So if you see one of these and using phrases such as “ay tu neta al chile alv” and other horrible handwriting in English and Spanish, its none other than her.  Be careful everyone.

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