The cyberhacker story

Evonne Cuhhhntreras, or Bonnie, Sylvia, Seth Rollins, Puro Pinche Cowboys, or by the other fake aliases she uses has been attacking everyone and their mother on Facebook. Recently a friend of mine messaged me privately that she reached out to her and said she was “digging dirt on me”

So while I was reading the messages between my accomplice (in blue) and Evonne, I had a brilliant idea. She’s trying to dig dirt on me, why not give her some fake dirt she can use that she can genuinely believe! 😂

The setup

So one of the first things I did, was go through my facebook pictures and tried to find one that I could use as a mugshot. Most of the mugshots you see online are usually people not smiling with a plain ol’ background. After scrolling a few years back, I was able to find the perfect picture to use.

The original
The mugshot by NYPD

After finding the original picture, the only thing I really had to do was edit my shirt and put an orange jumpsuit on it and then just add some some height measurements, a fake file number and date and voila.

It took just a few days before Evonne Contreras (Seth Rollins) got a hold of the picture and started spamming it, my notifications started blowing up on #nomorecheezmeh that she was posting it. She thought she hit gold !!!

Making her believe she got me

Sorry Evonne, I had to burst your bubble, and what’s funny is that she’s talking to all my haters and sharing it with them 😂. To me this is just fun to kill time, but she really think it’s real !!! Que inocente.

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