Castro believes he owns Brownsville.

Brownsville is a small city, there’s only so many places you can go to before you’ll run into somebody you may know. Yesterday morning, I went over to 7th and Park around 11am to setup the mobile studio before Blogger Con. I happened to run into my friend Zach Blevins who I asked to be on the show for that day. After the show was over, I went over to Sunrise Mall to see if I can find some last minute gifts for Christmas and ran into a few more friends.

Playing Bingo

In the evening, I decided to swing by Bingo to see if I could find my dad. My dad is retired and like many senior citizens around town, enjoys most of his evenings playing Bingo. Sure enough I was able to catch my old man and asked him if he wanted to have dinner near by.

Eating at Denny’s

I asked my dad where he wanted to have breakfast, one of his favorite places when I was a kid was at el Rancherita on International Rd, considering it was late he told me he didn’t want to go far so he told me he wanted to go to Denny’s which was right across the freeway from where we were at. We weren’t there long, I had some pancakes and my dad had a quick coffee and left.

Earlier this morning when I woke up, a friend of mine messaged me, “Frank, why does Erasmo say you’re stalking him?”, of course without knowing what’s up I responded “What do you mean?”, and then he showed me these screenshots from above. I literally spilled my coffee this morning because the funny thing is that I didn’t see el marrano de monte at Denny’s, at least from where I was at. He says I sat “at a table close to him?”, as soon as I came in, I sat at the bar by the kitchen, if you look at the picture of the pancakes, there is proof of that. If I was near him as he “claims”, I would of definitely over heard his conversation and turned around and said something, but I had no idea if he was there. He says “I’m sick”, pobre vato, this is coming from a 53 year old man who still lives in the closet about his homosexual life and was caught looking at half naked teenagers and loving their pictures on Facebook. Why don’t you tell all your stupid followers the reason why you were banned from attending campuses and school events, because you’re a fucking pervert and the article I wrote about you doing this, is what got you banned, now that is “SICK”. Idiot is going to claim next that you can’t breathe the air outside, because he happens to also breathe from it also, and the worst part is that his followers will believe him. Como si estubiera de moda para que lo estubieran siguiendo.

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