Candidate for Texas State Senator on possible controlled substances

It recently came to my attention that a lady under the name Erica Tovar Beavers who resides in Corpus Christi was visiting family over the weekend in Willacy Co and ended up going to the county fair. In a video she uploaded to Facebook, she states she experienced racial discrimination based on the fact that her husband is black.

I don’t have all the details to the story based on Mrs. Beavers version of events, but regardless she’s calm and collected on her video describing what she feels is discrimination. She’s not seen yelling and appears to be in her 5 senses. Several hours Mrs. Beavers video was made, Vanessa Tijerina, aka la chiskeada goes live to address the video.

Immediately upon her going live, it is very disturbing to see that Vanessa Tijerina appears to be on a controlled substance, possibly that of cocaine and even more disturbing the video was made close to midnight with her daughters in the back. You can see immediately that while she’s ranting, she appears to be swallowing quiet frequently, for users that abuse cocaine, this is what is known as the “the drip”, when cocaine is sniffed, it causes your nose,throat, and tongue to go numb, this can possibly explain why Tijerina appears to have slurred speech.

Cocaine is considered an “upper”, a stimulant which causes alertness and energy, users who consume cocaine typically have a hard time sleeping at night. After that live, several postings were made during the wee hours of the morning.

CPS needs to be called upon to check on the welfare of those chidren who are being kept up at night from sleeping normal hours. One has to question if they are even going to school.

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