Castro to introduce Satanism in his next BISD Trustee run.

In a never ending story, disgraced political candidate Erasmo Castro has thrown in the idea of running for BISD Trustee this year. This has been confirmed by el marrano de monte himself from various facebook posts and now through his political page.

If you do a search on google and type in the keyword “Erasmo Castro for State Representative”, you’ll see an exact result come up, if you click on it, it will direct you to the page on Facebook that shows, Erasmo Castro for BISD Board of Trustees”. This exact page has been around for many years now, every time Castro has ran for a political position whether it has been for mayor, democratic county chair, city commission, etc… he changes the page accordingly. The first post it shows on there is “We will be exploring BISD Trustee race options this week”

Castro and Diaz

An individual by the name of Christian Diaz wrote that he is trying to invite the temple of Satan to the opening prayers of BISD and tagged Castro. Erasmo who has the right to allow what posts appear on his timeline, chose to specifically allow this post to show on there. This is a man who claims he’s a pastor and studied theology allows this.

So has Erasmo Castro decided to stop running for State Representative? Maybe he knows he has almost literally no chance to win that race. He has no chance in hell to win against Eddie Lucio III, and even if Erin Gamez (challenger in the Democratic Primary) wins, he still doesn’t have a chance against her. Perhaps Castro feels that since Sylvia Atkinson has the issues with the federal indictment, this is perhaps the best time to run again.

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