How Coronavirus has changed our ways of life.

How can something so tiny, invisible by normal standards have so much impact in our society that we are now forced to live in fear by staying inside our homes and in some places around the country if you’re caught outside at certain hours, you risk going to jail.

I remember watching apocalyptic movies such as Outbreak (1995) and Contagion (2011) and like most people always thinking, how can any of this ever come true? Fast forward to present day and pretty much what was depicted in those films has come true.

Judge Eddie Trevino in Cameron County (Rio Grande Valley), has declared a curfew from midnight to 5am, while most people argue that the virus attacks at all hours of the day, I think given the current situation 5 hours of mandatory home stay is better than nothing at all.

Countries such as Italy and Spain have been hit the hardest, with the death toll exceeding in Italy by over 1570+ deaths over China where the virus originally started, and with it being such a tiny country and having an elderly population, things have gotten so bad that the government has declared that any seniors over 80+ infected with Coronavirus will be left for dead, the country is on 24+ lockdown with nobody able to leave their house.

President Trump at first didn’t think much of Coronavirus and tried to downplay it but as time went by it was pretty apparent the situation was serious and I believe he’s doing the right thing now taking the appropriate measures by restriction air travel and securing the nation’s borders. While I may not be the biggest Trump fan, I’ve personally seen over the last few weeks how news media have been vindictive and portraying the president as the bad guy. Back in 2009 when there was bigger pandemic due to the H1N1 virus, news media didn’t attack President Obama yet there was over 12,469 deaths due to the outbreak, was he labeled as the bad guy?

Times are going to be tough and over the course of the next several weeks times will be even tougher, but us Americans are resilient and I know for a fact we’ll get through this. For those that are clinging on, keep strong for that once the storm is over, the sun will be shining through. During these times I encourage everyone to use their time wisely and spend time with the family, I had mentioned during my liveshow a few days ago that this could be the best time to learn something new like studying a foreign language, studying the stock market (I am doing this now), clean around the house. Our lives will be forever changed and years from now when we’re older we can tell our grand kids or great grandkids how we survived the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, history will be written and we were part of it.

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