Virtual loteria on NMC

With everyone staying indoors due to Coronavirus and practicing safe measures such as social distancing, many people from the Rio Grande Valley have been stuck in their home without much entertainment and things to do.

A friend of mine on Facebook posted virtual loteria she played with some organizer online interactively and I thought, hey that’s an awesome idea I should try that on #nomorecheezmeh.

So to make things organized and keep the tradition alive during these tough times I thought about how this can work so if you want to play later tonight at 8pm. This is how this is going to work.

First and foremost, playing Loteria without any prizes is not really loteria so to actually make things fun like everyone is used to, we’re going to play $1.00 a Loteria card 4×4, you can play as many cards as you like but each card you play will be $1.00 that will go into the virtual “pozo” (collected monies in pot).

To play, make sure you have cashapp, it’s one of the most popular free apps out there to pay/receive money. You just need a debit card visa/mastercard and sign up using the link below, you actually get $5.00 for free, so technically playing loteria tonight is free!! Then just send either $1.00 or whatever amount of cards you’ll be using and send to my cashapp account, $fmaruchan

Once you have cashapp ready, decide how many loteria cards you’re going to play with and most importantly take a picture of those loteria cards and send me a message through the #nomorecheezmeh page so I know which cards you have so that if you win, I can verify that you won.

Since this will online via Facebook live, I’ll be the virtual “Griton” and call out the cards one by one until there is a winner. I am not able to hear anyone of course so if you win you’ll need to type “BUENAS” on facebook live and I’ll quickly check your cards and see if you actually won, if you happen to win then we’ll stop the game and you’ll collect the monies for that game back to you on Cashapp and we’ll take a few minutes before starting a new game once we collect more monies and start a new game. I’m thinking we can probably play 3 games tonight if possible.

The game will start at 8pm tonight. So if you plan to play please follow the steps correctly so that we can start on time and be ready to go. Make sure you’re signed up for Cashapp and send the picture of the cards that you’ll be using via messenger to the Nomorecheezmeh page. I’ll do a quick live video at 7pm to go over the official game rules and for any last minute players to join.

*** disclaimer ***

I am not making any money off the prizes, I am doing this for fun and I can be doing something else entirely, I just want us to have a good time. All collected prize monies will be given to the winner(s).

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  1. I didnt even know about this…

  2. hi – how did this virtual loteria go? I am working to support the Census and we want to try to do loteria to promote the census in chicano/latinx neighborhoods in Denver.

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