State Senator Candidate has illegal tortoise

They are 4 species of tortoises that are native to the United States , but there is only species that is native to Texas, and that is the Texas Tortoise. This species of tortoise can be found through out South Texas and northern parts of Mexico. Because of it’s low reproductive rate and loss of habitat, the Texas Tortoise is considered a threatened species and the State of Texas has made it illegal for anyone to cause harm to them and collect them as pets.

For someone who claims she’s a “biologist, scientist” and a list of other professions, you would think she would know better than to possess an illegal animal and most importantly as someone running as State Senator you would think she would have slightly more common sense when it comes down to breaking the law. She even knows what species it is as she tells her daughters “It’s a tortoise” and by the distinct markings of the shell, it is clearly a Texas Tortoise.

This is yet another example of the recklessness that Vanessa Tijerina does on a day to day basis. We need everyone to act as Montana needs to be returned to it’s native habitat considering that the little guy has been held in captivity for 15 years according to Tijerina. I encourage everyone to call Texas Parks and Wildlife at 956-546-1952 to report this illegal activity. We need to act as we need all our Texas Tortoises returned.

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